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To my Sons with Love 
A mother tries to provide her son
with insight into important things in life
in order to make his life
as happy and fulfilled as possible....

A mother tries to teach her son
to be kind and generous towards other
people to be honest and forthright at all times
to be fair, treating both men and women equally.
To respect himself and others
to know himself very well
to understand his strong and weak points
to accept critisism and learn from his mistakes
to have many interests to pursue
to have many goals to follow
to work hard to reach these goals.

A mother tries to teach her son
to have a strong set of beleifs
to listen to his intelligence
to laugh and enjoy life
to appreciate the beauty of nature
to express his feelings openly
and honestly at all times
to realize that love is the best emotion
anyone can have
to value the family unit
as the basis of all stability

If I have provided you with insight
into most of these things
then I have succeeded as a mother
in what I hoped to accomplish in raising you

If many of these things slipped by
while we were all so busy
I have a feeling you know them anyway

And as your proud mother
I will always continue to love and support
everything you are and everything you do
I am always here for you, my son
I love you.

Susan Polis Schutz


To my Daughters

It's All Right

Dry your eyes and cry no more
Your dreams await on nearing shores
A hand extends from someone near
To cast away your doubts and fears

It's time to start a life anew
With changes for the both of you
Cling not to the things you've had
Reminders of a time so sad

So rise about the mire and silt
And free yourself of fear and guilt
Question not the things unknown
Just please accept the love you're shown

Trust in things you can not see
And maybe you'll believe in me
So now before you here I stand
Just make a wish and take my hand

Stand upon the mountain
Raise your wings up high
Cast aside the chains of fear
Trust and you will fly

Rejoice now in the knowledge
Returned to you this day
You've always had the power
To simply fly away

So dance with me this evening
Above the lands below
The clouds provide our dance floor
Neath the light of those we know

The earth provides the music
To set your spirit free
You only need to trust yourself
Fly! And you will see

This poem is for Natalie, my adopted daughter:


Images now, of way back when
Another girl you might have been
One in the shadows and one in the light
Each casts a glow which is equally bright

So much together yet so much apart
Where does one end and the other one start
I look at you now and so much has changed
I wonder how much of it was prearranged

There's so much to ask you, so much to say
If I just had one minute, one hour, one day
No one can know you the way that I do
You're part of me, and I'm part of you

I wish I could be there, but somethings can't be
Just look with your heart and your eyes will soon see
A face in the shadows and a voice you might hear
"Remember I love you, my daughter, my dear"

Love Kathy

Robert Longley

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