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A Place in My Heart
I would like to have a
house with a window to the
sea and a tiny garden right
outside. I'd sit out front
and listen to the trees and smile
as the world went by...

I would like to have a place with
a window to your heart, so I would
know what you were feeling all the
time. I'd watch your days and listen
to your dreams and give you part
of everything that's mine. I would
like to have a house with a window
to the sea and a place
in your heart next to mine.
By the window.
I'd give you my only key, so you
could come and visit anytime.

I would like to give you a place
in my heart, right next to the wind
and the sea. I'd sit outside on the
front porch to wait...

and smile
when I saw you coming.

by Ashley Rice

To Justin
Always thinking of you, especially today

from big sister

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