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Justin Raymond
McMahon Gittons

Born 19th November 1978
Passed Over 18th July 1995

You were our wonderful son
You would sit and chat
You would give praise and comfort
You were our companion
Our laughter, our joy, our son
You were Justin.

You were our brillant brother
You loved to play games
You would give advice
You were great fun
Our laughter, our joy, our brother.
You were Justin

You were a wonderful Grandson
Our great nephew
Our big cousin
You would play and bring laughter
You were the son everyone wishes for.
You were Justin

You were our cherished friend
A gem, always smiling.
You had great ideas
You loved a game of football
You loved animals
You were Justin

You were a great student
You gave inspiration
You were hard working, an achiever.
A joy to teach.
You were a scholar
You were Justin

You will always be with us
Still our son and brother
Our guiding light
Still our Grandson, our nephew.
Friends Forever
You will never be forgotten
You ARE Justin

Love Always

This is Justin's Memory Card

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