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Three Wishes
by Justin
13th November 1994

If I had three wishes I would choose very wisely what to wish for. I would not wish for anything that would change my life too much like becoming famous or rich. I would choose something that would make my life better. I think I would probably wish to live for a long time. I would not like to live forever because after awhile everyone I know and love would be dead. I would wish to be a successful person and to set up a good business. For my third wish I would wish that all the wars, pollution and hunger in this world would stop and that people would learn to live in peace and harmony. These would be my three wishes.

Written on the by Justin

Young People and Drugs
by Justin
May 1995

Drugs have become a major problem in Ireland. The amount of drugs seized each year by the Garda and the Customs shows this. Every year the amount is growing and growing. Although the garda are constantly making arrests and seizing drugs the problem gets worse. Most of the drugs seized are Cannabis but more dangerous drugs are becoming popular like "E" and Heroin.

The main reason for this is the fall in price. "E" tabs were £25 for one a few years ago but today the price has dropped to £12. The price of Cannabis has really changed but it is still really popular because it is cheap and it is easy to get.

I first became aware of drugs in my area when I was about twelve. I knew the names of the drugs but that was about it. It wasn't till I was in first year in Community School that I began to realize how big the drugs problem was in Dublin. I began to hear of people who had been in my class in Primary School who had become drug dealers.

I smoked Cannabis once when I was fifteen and I did not think much of it. It made me feel sick and gave me a headache. I thought it was horrible and I said I would never touch it again. As for the other drugs like "E" and Heroin, I swore I would never touch them either. I think drugs are a waste of money and in some cases the people who buy these drugs end up paying to kill themselves. When people first take "E" or Acid they don't know what is going to happen. Some people are allergic to these drugs and die when they take them, other people just go overboard and take an overdose.

Every week I hear something about these drugs that gives me another reason not to touch them. The people I hang around with now feel the same way about drugs as I do. They think drugs are a waste of money and don't bother with them. There are others I know who are heavy Hash smokers., one of whom I play football with and who is always coughing. I think people who do this to themselves must not care about their body or are just very stupid.

There are so many drugs nowadays that it is hard to keep track of them. Many parents think they know everything about drugs. They think their son or daughter would never touch drugs and if they found out they were taking them they blame friends or the area they live in. In reality the reasons why someone takes drugs could be could be because of one thing or a number of things. If one is depressed one could end up taking drugs in the hope that they will make one feel happy or sometimes friends do play a part in whether one takes drugs as one could feel they had to be like the "gang". I think that these are the worst reasons for someone to start taking drugs. A lot of the time they don't know how dangerous the stuff is and all they know is that it makes them feel good for awhile or makes them part of the gang.

Many parents don't try hard enough to find out the real reason for their son or daughter's drug taking. They presume it is because of their friends or that it is just the way young people are today, this can make the problem worse especially if they are taking the drugs because they are depressed.

This essay is about how I feel and look on drugs. Everybody will have their own opinion. I think the drug problem is way out of control. Everywhere you go people are there offering you drugs. I think it is about time something was done about this problem to clean up this mess for once and for all

Written by Justin for his religious education exam for which he received 80%. Justin attended Old Bawn Community School, Tallaght, Dublin, Ireland.

How Christmas Has Changed
by Justin
December 1994

Christmas has changed a lot over the years. Instead of the old traditional Christmas which involved more happiness and a little less money spending it has turned into a commercial enterprise. Children have begun to look at Christmas as a time to get toys and presents and for nothing else. It is getting to the stage where most parents are dreading Christmas and it has become a nuisance.

Over the years, the aim of shops and other companies has been to get as much money as possible. They have turned Christmas into a big shopping spree. Companies have messed with the real tradition of Christmas so that it suits them. For instance, the well known red and white costume of Santa was originally black until a soft drinks company changed it so that it would reflect their slogan and so increase their sales. Advertisement for toys on television can cause a lot of trouble. A child thinks Santa can bring whatever they ask for so he/she asks for the very expensive toys. The parents then struggle to get what the child wants rather than disappoint him/her. If this happens to a family who are not well off or who have money problems the child feels disappointed and let down by Santa.

I think Christmas has changed for the worse. People do not appreciate presents that they get from people. If a person spends twenty pounds on someone and that someone only spends a fiver on them, well they will more than likely call that someone a cheapskate and feel angry. The saying "It is the thought that counts" has been taken over by "If you want to stay friends you better spend a lot of money".

A Happy Event In My Life
by Justin 16th November 1994
One of the happiest events in my life was when my family and I went to Orlando, Florida for Christmas 1990. I was eleven at the time and had had a very bad summer holiday that year as I was in Hospital for two weeks with meningitis.

My Mom and Dad did not tell us about the holiday until a month before we left. When they told us we did not believe them but they finally convinced us that we were really going , we were very excited. We started saving all the money we got and my brother Allan and I got a job delivering leaflets for a local shop. After four weeks of hard work we had saved almost a hundred and fifty pounds. I put some of this towards clothes and the rest as spending money. We were leaving on the 19th December and would not be back until the 5th January.

By the time the 18th had arrived I could hardly sleep because I was so excited. We had done a lot of packing and stuff but I still did not feel sleepy. Eventually when I did drift off I had a dream about Florida. We got up at 6am on the morning of the 19th and done our last minute things. When the Taxi came we loaded it up with the suitcases and headed to the Airport.

Three hours later we were thirty thousand feet above the Atlantic Ocean. It was my first time to fly and I really enjoyed it. The plane went from Dublin to Shannon Airport and then to Toronto, Canada. We stayed in a Hotel there overnight and my Aunt and cousin, who live in Canada, came too spend time with us at the Hotel. The next day we flew to Orlando.

The Hotel we stayed in was in Orlando on International Drive which was close to Disneyland and most of the other major attractions. We went to Epcot, M.G.M., Sea World, Disneyland and lots of other theme parks. Disneyland was my favorite because they had loads of roller-coasters. Sea World was great because we got to see and touch Killer Whales and Dolphins.

Epcot was very educational. We stayed in Orlando for twelve days and then we went back to Canada to stay with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins for the rest of the holiday. This was the best holiday I ever had.

Written on the by Justin for English Class.

The problem of Education
by Justin 6th October 1994
There are many different problems with the education system in Ireland. They range from problems with the school to problems with the education system itself. Everyone will have different opinions and may see some things that I see as problems as not being problems at all. Here are some of my problems with the education system in Ireland.

To start with I will deal with the problems of education. Although the system has improved greatly over the last number of years there are some areas that have gone from good to bad instead of the other way around. The one that I think is most noticeable is the so called free education. In many countries the school's supply the students with their books free of charge. In Ireland a person could lose up to two hundred pounds or more a year on book's, uniforms and other things that are needed for school. There is also the re-enrollment fee this has gone up to ten pounds in the last two years. This might not sound like a lot but it all adds up. There is also a fee for tests such as the Leaving and Junior Certificate. From Junior Infants to sixth class it could cost you nearly a thousand pounds.

Now on to the schools. Recently there have been a number of incidents that have to do with the appearance of the students. Some students have got suspended or even expelled for having their hair a certain way or for wearing earrings. Last year a number of students went on strike because the girls were not allowed to wear trousers instead of skirts. Being suspended over something like this is stupid. Another problem with school's or to be more precise the teachers that work in them is that many of them don't seem to listen to the students. You may find some that keep saying that you should ask questions but when you do they give you a note or an essay.

These are some of the problems with education in Ireland.

Written on by Justin for English class.


By Justin March 1995

Money is probably the most important thing in the world. It can cause a lot of happiness or a lot of sadness.

There are many ways to make money such as winning the lottery, inheriting it or marrying a rich person or there is the hard way which mainly includes working hard for it.

Money can be good or bad. It can cause a lot of violence and can even get people killed. Many people see money as the solution to all their problems and that it will bring a lot of happiness when they get it. But money cannot buy inner happiness.

There is a lot of crime which involves money. These include Bank robbery, Kidnaps, Blackmail and corruption. People who are addicted to drugs often steal money so they can feed their habits.

People sometimes use other people for their money. They pretend to be their friends and to care for them. Money also makes people feel as if they have power and that they can control people with it.

People think they can buy love with money. But love cannot be bought.

As you can see money can cause an awful lot of problems but it can also be the solution to other problems.

More to come soon....

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