What do we do to honor a life?

For me honoring Justin's life was the best way I could deal with what had happened.

For Christmas 1995 we got the biggest Christmas tree we could buy and set out to find a present for Justin. As my daughter and I sat talking about an appropriate gift for Justin's Spirit, we decided that as he loved life and showed concern for people who were less fortunate than he was that the best gift we could give was the gift of life. We set about sponsoring a child in Africa with Action Aid.

We could bring flowers to Justin's Garden in the Cemetery everyday but they would wither and die, the cost of sponsoring a child was £12 a month and by doing this we were giving someone a chance to live.

Our child in Africa is Muli, we received letters telling us of his progress and how his village is doing. Sponsoring Muli has helped us to continue Justin's goodness. We have contributed towards the blossoming of a wonderful flower - a child.

Christmas 1996
I sponsored Oak Trees for each family of Aunt's, Uncles, Grandparents, and one each for each of us within the our small family

The Gift of Sight

Justin carried
a Donor Card but did not have it with him the day of the accident, however the Medical Team at the hospital asked permission to take his corneas. I had been taken to another hospital unconscious so Martin had to travel to me after he went to be with our sons to ask me if it was OK to donate Justin's eyes. As it was Justin's wish to have his organs donated to help others I agreed. Which would be used for a person or persons needing these organs. We agreed, as we knew Justin wanted to help others.

We were recently told that the corneas went to two people who suffered chronic infections, one was a 15 year old and the other a 21 year old person, I am assured that the transplants were a success and that four years on these people enjoy a quality of life they might not, without Justin's help, have enjoyed.

Life is about living to the full and realizing your full potential, Justin did that and through him others are now getting the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest. His Spirit goes on and on, in more ways than one, he is eternal as we all are.

The Fish

In the months before the accident Justin began taking a great interest in Tropical Fish. He set up a fish tank in the kitchen and we got Guppies from a friend of his dad's. We also had a Catfish Which survives to this day and looks more like a baby shark.
For his 18th Birthday we got new fish for his tank, some of those were Angelfish.

Today, sadly the fish are no longer with us. We have the Tank and will replace the Fish in time.

On the 2nd Christmas I sponsored Oak trees for everyone in our family and extended families.

On the 1st, 2nd and 3rd anniversaries Justin's sister, brother, friends, uncles and others participated in a cycle to Glendalough in Wicklow, to commemorate his love of the great outdoors. Those of us who could not cycle provided back-up by following in cars and bringing food and refreshments for the cyclists. When we arrived at Glendalough we had picnic together and the cyclists rested for the trip back.

Each year on Justin's birthday, Christmas or his anniversary some of us still get together. People move on in their lives and no longer have the time because they have their own commitments but I know that the people touched by the Justin never forget him, his memory lives forever.

When I stood in a field recently, surrounded by trees on a windy day and I closed my eyes I heard the whisper, I felt the embrace. When I stopped by a brook to watch the water ripple by and listen to the sounds of the birds, I heard the same whisper. When I watched the Deer prance through a ditch without a sound, I understood. When I watched a mother cat nurse her young I remembered - Life is Eternal

Justin has brought a richness to my life that I will honor forever.

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